The Interaction Flow In Motivational Interviews

There are a few techniques that are common for a Motivational interview process. They are created to keep the conversation going in the right direction, and their purpose is to create a space in which client can address all of his problems and see all the possible solutions to find the right motivation and gain skills that will help him later in life.

The goal is to recognize the right problem and its cause, to get a deeper understanding of its creation and manifestations, to grasp the consequences that the specific problem is creating, to get motivation for a needed change and to understand that the change is for sure possible.

Open Questions

These are the type of questions that are not just summarizing the surface of the problem. They are not answered short with a simple “yes” or “no.” Here, the client is set in a safe space where she or he can search, analyze, and with a little bit of effort give more detailed and personal answers.


In this step, the client is reminded of the facts that he overlooked, but that are essential – all the positive parts of his journey that can easily be missed but are important to build a stronger foundation of future success.

Reflective back

ListeningListening is the important part of the relationship that is built here. The interviewer is at the same time an outsider to a story that client is telling, a professional with various skills, and a person that is deeply dedicated to the well being of his client. From those three angles, the interviewer can see presented problems from various aspects and understand not only the facts and key elements but the deep feelings and elements within. The interviewer will guide a client through the whole process safely, helping the client to find the right answers and perspective. The professional and the client will summarise together the whole story, problems, and process to gain important insights and find motivation.