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The MINT Bulletin replaced the Motivational Interviewing Newsletter: Updates, Education and Training (MINUET), which was the MINT newsletter from 1994 through 2004.  The MINUET served as the primary vehicle for communication among MINT trainers until the establishment of a restricted MINT listserve in 1999.  After that time, the MINUET continued to serve as a vehicle for distributing conceptual articles, international updates, and "distilled" summaries of some of the topics discussed on the listserve.  The MINT Bulletin is made available here for downloading in Adobe Acrobat form. 

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Back Issues

15.1 November 2009 (20 pages)

From the Desert - Emotions, Reinforcement and MI: Reflections on Wagner and Ingersoll (2008) (Miller); What the Research Says...About the MI Spirit and the Competence Worldview (Corbett); Development of the Client Evaluation of Motivational Interviewing (Madson, Bullock, Speed & Hodges); Training MI in a Vocational Rehabilitation Context (Manthey); Engineering Change A Collaborative Action Research Project to Enhance Motivation Amongst Vocational High School Pupils (Daly); Motivational Interviewing in Poland: A Polish-Irish Collaboration (Jaraczewska & Considine); Information on Training in Motivational Interviewing (MINT Board of Directors)

14.2 (Part 1) September 2008 (38 pages)

From the Desert, Bill Miller comments on his experience of rediscovering The First Description of Motivational Interviewing. We then present, in its entirety, Motivational Interviewing with Problem Drinkers, introduced by the prescient response to the manuscript by the editor of Behavioural Psychotherapy, and reproduced in facsimile of the original.

This will be followed, in the second section of the issue, by reflections on the impact of this article and what followed it by Sharone Abramowitz, Tom Barth, Grant Corbett, Sandy Downey, Carl Åke Farbring, Claire Lane, Pat Lincourt, John Martin, Gary Rose, and Kathleen Sciacca.

14.2 (Part 2) September 2008 (16 pages)

A MINTy Kind of Festschrift.

Following up on the Festschrift event at the December 2006 Miami MINT Forum (see 13.3 February 2007), this is a collection of written tributes by Sharone Abramowitz, Tom Barth, Sandy Downey, Carl Åke Farbring, Cristiane Farentinos, Claire Lane, Pat Lincourt, John Martin, Gary Rose, and Kathleen Sciacca.

14.1 June 2008 (48 pages)

Articles (13 pages): From the Desert – Tacit Knowing: A Challenge to MI Researchers (Miller); Editor’s Choice – Time for Change (Zuckoff); A Nordic TNT (Farbring, Forsberg, & Näsholm); 40 Trainers, 132 Trainings and 2100 Trainees: Development of the Cal-METRO Project (Hohman & Koutsenok); What the Research Says About MI... Where Do You Start? (Corbett); Charting Courses: MI and Supervision (Prescott)

Special Section: MINT Forum 2007 (32 pages): MINT in a Context of Change (Zuckoff); “How I Learned MI”:
A Qualitative Inquiry (Zuckoff, Carpenter, Elder, & Van Loo); What Can MI Do for HIV Prevention and Care? (Naar-King, Ingersoll, Devere, & Zang); Development of a MINT Peer-Review and Certification Process (Barth); “You Can’t Make Me!” Using MI to Improve Rehabilitation for Persons with Chronic Disability (Ehrlich-Jones & Mallinson); MINT Bulletin Live Symposium: Goal-Directedness in MI (Zuckoff, Barth, Ernst, Guelfi, Näsholm, Corbett, Miller, & Rollnick); What is a Motivational Interviewing Group? (Wagner & Ingersoll); Have a Heart: MI in Cardiac Rehabilitation: An Action Research Project (Lane & Williams); Reflect on Me (Cole); Five Phases in MI (Näsholm & Barth); Helping Workshop Participants “Get the Drift” to “Prevent the Drift”: A Model for Teaching MI (Kistenmacher); MI and the Transtheoretical Model (Velasquez); Using the Eight Stages as a Roadmap in MI Training (Miller); Affirmation Card Sort: An Exercise in Self-Discovery (Downey); MI and the Use of Telephone Supervision (Naar-King & Stout); The Swedish Coding Journey: An Update (Forsberg & Ernst); Thoroughbred or Mongrel? Practitioner Modifications of MI (Undrill & Lane); MI and Acquired Brain Injury: Challenges and Possible Solutions for Working with Clients with ABI (Godden); Surprises in Sofia: Some Personal Reflections from the Session “Action for Change: Motivational Interviewing & Drama in Domestic Violence and Abuse Work” (Farrall)

13.3 February 2007 (53 pages)

From the Desert - From Zero to One; (Miller); Editor's Choice: Froum Thoughts (Zuckoff); Helping High-Risk Sexual Offenders Get Back On Track: Incorporating MI Principles in a Group Setting (Prescott); A Participatory Way of Being (Hecht); What Does it Mean to Be a MINTie? (Zuckoff, Carpenter & Elder); Training and Treatment Fidelity in Motivational Interviewing (Hettema); MI in Clinical Supervision (Carden); Clinical and Research Dialogue (Chenkin); Cultural Valuing (Rodewald); Training Lay People in MI Based Brief Interventions (Campbell & Carr); Motivational Interviewing and 12-Step: Looking for the Similarities Rather than the Differences (Elder & Stout); Client Experiences of Motivational Interviewing (Westra); Whole Systems Organizational Change (Williams); MINT Bulletin Festschrift Session: The Evolution of Bill, The Evolution of MI (Zuckoff, Quintana, Chapman, Rosengren, Sciacca, Lane, Dunn, Wagner, Downey, Burke, Miller); MI in Behavioral Health Settings (Krejci & Giantini); The Behaviour Change Counselling Index (BECCI): Your Questions Answered! (Lane); One Size Fits All? Adapting MI for Psychosis (Allott & Earnshaw); What Coding Has Taught Us About MI (Moyers, Ernst & DeFrancesco);

Poster Session (Westra & Zuckoff); Interviewer Skills and Change Talk (Bogue & Ehret); Adapting M.I. for use with Acquired Brain Injury and Substance Use (Godden & Lemsky); Predictors of Training Impact (Hartzler, Slade, Todd, Peterson, Rosengren & Baer); MI-How the Pieces Fit (Cole); Motivational Interviewing: Can it be Incorporated into Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Groups? (Speck, Lane, Rollnick, Cook, Brace & Gray); Opening Doors to Treatment (Disney, Kidorf, Blucher, Depo, Burke & Brooner); Applying Motivational Interviewing to Group Therapy (Dannenberg & Feinstein); Whoops: An “MI Training Effect” from a Non-MI Workshop! (Dunn, MacLeod, Hungerford & Bryan Hartzler); Disseminating Screening and Brief Intervention Programs in Trauma Centers (Dunn, Williams, Martin & Zatzick); A Pilot Study Testing the Effectiveness of Single Session Motivational Interviewing in Engaging Depressed, Pregnant Women in Mental Health Treatment (Flynn & Marcus); Training, Training and More Training (Hall); MIA:STEP - Motivational Interviewing Assessment: Supervisory Tools for Enhancing Proficiency (Hall & Martino); Measures of Fidelity in Motivational Enhancement (Madson & Campbell); Preparing High-Risk Sexual Offenders to Participate in Treatment Groups (Prescott); Incorporating MI into Anger Awareness Treatment (Rankin); A Single-Pass Method to Evaluate Clinical Performance and Patient Response (Wagner & Ingersoll); Utility of a Single-Pass Method for Evaluating MI Clinical Skills and Training Needs (Wagner & Ingersoll); MI Performance of Disease Management Coaches Pre and Post MI Coach Training (Wagner & Ingersoll); Treating Complicated Grief in Substance Abusers (Zuckoff, Shear, Frank, Daley, Seligman & Houck)

A Refresher for Maturing MINTies (Miller); Drumming for Change Talk (Berg-Smith); Exploring Ambivalence: More than a Decisional Balance? (Näsholm); A Participant’s Perspective (Robins); Teaching Empathy (Azoulai); Coaching in the Moment (Cole); Promoting Best Practices in MI Training While Keeping Your Clients Happy (Van Horn); Comparing Advice-Giving to Reflective Listening (Rosengren & Ballasiotes); Soccer Guy Succinct (Wagner); Lluvia de Ideas: Exchange of Training Ideas in Spanish (Yahne); Using Standardized Patients in MI Training (Dunn & Travaglini); Twas the Week Before MINT-mas (Zerler)

13.2 July 2006 (20 pages)

From the Desert - Can Organizations be MINT-y?; How Do Organizations Become More MI-Consistent?; How MINTy is MINT?; Lessons from the Twelve Traditions; (Miller); Editor's Choice: Hammering MI (Zuckoff); Steering Committee Update (Wagner); MINT Forum 2006 (Elder); Update: A Consensus Statement on Defining Change Talk (Amrhein, Miller, Moyers, Rollnick); Teaching Empathy in Motivational Interviewing (Azoulaï); Note from the MI–TNT in Genova, Italy, November 2005 (Guelfi); What The Research Says ... About MI Training: Part II (Corbett); Struggling with the Righting Reflex (Cole); Training Tools: I Have What You Need vs. You Have What You Need (Clark); Is Motivational Interviewing a Tool or a Way of Life? (J. Rollnick)


13.1 February 2006 (Full Download: Articles plus MINT Forum Proceedings- 45 pages)

Articles (15 pages): From the Desert - Amsterdam and Autonomy; Has Ambivalence Been Resolved?; Feedbackfire (Miller); Editor's Choice: MI Is All Around (Zuckoff); Feedback on A Consensus Statement on Change Talk (Allison, Barth, Clark, Farbring); Steering Committee Update (Wagner); MI Advances in Ireland (Delaney); MI Across Language Barriers: Its French-speaking Fans are Growing! (Fortini & Gache); Motivational Interviewing Knowledge and Attitudes Test (MIKAT) for Evaluation of Training Outcomes (Lefingwell); What The Research Says ... About MI Training (Corbett); “Salsa Dancing”: An Exercise to Demonstrate the Spirit of MI (Salazar)

Special Section: MINT Forum 2005 (30 pages): State of the Art and Science of Motivational Interviewing (Miller); Similarities and Differences between Cognitive Therapy and MI (Prescott); ‘Whole Systems’ Approach to Organizational Change (Drenner, Ernst, Velasquez, Williams); MI Coaching (Ernst); Making Ambivalence Complicated (Barth & Näsholm); Training Across Cultures in the Asia-Pacific Region (Habib & Porter); MI in Corrections (Forsberg & Rollnick); MI for Anxiety (Harai & Westra); The Delicate Endeavour of Promoting Change An Audio Recording and Transcript (Allison); MI & Supervision Workshop (Murphy & Ford); MI, Maintaining Change and Preventing Relapse (Prescott); Brief Intervention for Risk Drinking in General Practice in Sweden – A National Project (Eklund & Wirbing); Rapid Communications Ongoing MI Research (Dongier; McCambridge, Velasquez, Zuckoff)


12.2 September 2005 (Full Download: Articles plus Virtual Symposium - 44 pages)

Articles (22 pages): From the Desert - Possible Selves; Gentle Persuasion - Children Do It, Too; (Miller); Editor's Choice: Strange Bedfellows (Zuckoff); A Consensus Statement on Change Talk (Amrhein, Miller, Moyers, Rollnick); What The Research Says ... About Change Talk: Part III. Commitment Language (Corbett); MINT Forum 2005 (Carpenter & Hecht) Steering Committee Update (Goumas); Obesity: Another Perspective and Practice Suggestions (Butterworth); Motivational Interviewing with Illicit Drug Owners (Quercia, Guelfi, Scaglia & Spiller); Training Coders to Use the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integreity (MITI) Coding System (Breger, DeFrancesco, Elliot); Passionate Peacemaking: Mediation and Motivational Interviewing (Yahne & Jackson); Staying Fresh with Long-Term Clients (Cole); Appreciating Confrontation (Zerler); Project Community CARES (Wahab & Menon); Dear MINTIES...A Former MINTIE Looks at the Precarious Intersection of Personal Issues and Professional Work (Fisher)

Special Section: Virtual Symposium (22 pages): Motivational Interviewing and Mandated Interventions (Zerler); What Is Freedom, Anyway? (Barth); Coerciveness of Preventive Medicine in the General Practice Setting (Beich); Training in the Armed Forces (Breckon);Tempest in a Teapot? (Clark); Treatment Under Orders (Coldwell); Probation, Cognitive Skills, and MI (Emslie); Hobson’s Therapist: The Paradox of Mandated Opportunities for Change (Farrall); MI in Custodial Settings (Forsberg) ; MI and Coercive Environments: Freedom within Limits (Gorske); Treating the Mandated Client with Motivational Interviewing (Lincourt); Perspective from the “Fixed Goal” Contingent (Obert); Swimming Upstream (Porter); Anecdotal Evidence from the Developing Field within the Criminal Justice Interventions Setting in England (Williams); Focus on the Seed not the Forest (Wright); Autonomy, Control, and the Greater Good (Zuckoff)


12.1 May 2005 (Full Download: Articles plus Special Section - 52 pages)

Articles (11 pages): From the Desert - On the Road Again; Is MI Directive?; The Integrity Model - A Review (Miller); Editor's Choice: A Contuing Evolution (Zuckoff); Preparing Supervisory Staff to Implement MI (Lincourt); Steering Committee Update (Moyers); What The Research Says ... About Change Talk: Part 2 (Corbett); Team Consult Warm-Up: A Blending of MI, Psychodrama, and Group Process (Gorske & Zuckoff);

Special Section: MINT Forum 2004 (42 pages): Introduction (Hecht); Toward a Theory of Motivational Interviewing(Miller); Steering Committee Report: Progress & Agenda (Rosengren); Distance Learning
(Cole); Giving Feedback Exercise: " Just the facts, ma'am" (Dunn); MINUET Actual Symposium: Values and Motivational Interviewing (Zuckoff, Zerler, & The Values Symposium Panel); The Affirmation Activity (Elder); Rolling Out the Rug of Resistance: A Reflective and Interactive Tool for Introducing and Discussing the Concept of Resistance in MI Training (Sanner and Van Loo); MI TNT Track for Supervisors - New Demand or Not? Organizational Implementation of MI (Farentinos); Should MINT Certify MI Trainers and Practitioners? If So, How? (Saitz & Miller); "Setting the Stage" Exercise (Dunn); Communication Styles and Culture Change (Rollnick & Rose); The Video Assessment of Simulated Encounters - Revised (Rosengren, Baer & Dunn); A Meta-Analysis of Research on Motivational Interviewing Treatment Effectiveness (MARMITE) (Miller); Facilitating Groups with MI (Velasquez, Ballasiotes,& Wagner); Documenting End of Life Care Wishes: An Ethical Use of MI? (Tinker); Engagement Session: New and Improved (Zuckoff); Yellow Stickies on White Paper: A "Building on Knowledge" Exercise (Cole); Body & Soul (Campbell & Carr); Coding Experiences from the Field (DeFrancesco & Ernst); "But I Already Do ThisWith My Clients!": False High Self-Confidence Estimators and What to Do About Them (Hoffman & Stout); Interactive Group "Real-Play" (Berg-Smith)


11.3 October 2004 (Full Download: Articles plus Virtual Symposium - 44 pages)

Articles (17 pages): From the Desert - E-I, E-I, Oh! - Extraverts, Introverts, and Motivational Interviewing (Miller); Editor's Choice: An Actual Bounty (Zuckoff); What’s Your Style? A model for helping practitioners to learn about communication and motivational interviewing (Rose, Rollnick, Lane); The Role of Hope in Motivational Interviewing (Yahne); MINT Forum 2004: Description and Preliminary Agenda (Hecht); Steering Committee Update (Rose); Nordic Motivational Interviewing Trainer Meeting (Barth); What The Research Says ... ... About Change Talk: Part 1 (Corbett); Reflections on Supervising & Implementing MI into Agency Life (Tomlin); A New Training Experience Many Miles from Home (Hecht); Large Scale Research on MI in Swedish Prisons and Probation (Forsberg & Farbring); Reflections on Coding (DeFrancesco, Breger);

Virtual Symposium (28 pages): Values and Motivational Interviewing: A Symposium (Miller, Allison, Arkowitz, Barth, Ciarrocchi, Dunn, Farbring, Farrell, Gilbertson, Gorski, Harai, Juárez, Krejki, Lincourt, McCambridge, Moyers, Peltenburg, Porter, Saitz, Toriello, Wagner, Wahab, Westra, Zuckoff)

11.2 June 2004
From the Desert - Why Does MI Work in Some Places and Not Others?; An Open Letter to Arizona Probation Staff (Miller); Let's Hope! (Rollnick); MINT Steering Committee News (Bes); What the Research Says about MI Skills (Corbett); Experiences in Group Motivational Interviewing (Lincourt); Dancing or Wrestling: Struggles in the Accreditation of a Skills Based Module (MacRae); Privilege And Resistance Within The Domestic Violence Movement (Wahab); Motivational Interviewing and a Home for the Magdalenas (Yahne); A Farewell to MINT (Gibson);A MINT Value? (Zuckoff)

11.1 February 2004
From the Desert - Transcendent Moments, Do the American and European Models of MI Differ? (Miller); Taking Motivation Out
Of The Box: Creating a Para-therapeutic Environment in Custodial Settings through 'Motivational Interactions' (Farrell); A Training Design:
Group Role Plays (Chapman); Tales from Tashkent ( Krejci); Socrates, Philosophy, and Motivational Interviewing (Dongier); Anxiety Change Expectancy: Nuisance Variable or Important Explanatory Construct? (Westra); The Teen Marijuana Check-Up: A Brief Motivational Enhancement Intervention for Adolescent Marijuana Smokers (Walker, Roffman & Stephens); Editor’s Choice: Welcome to the 'New' MINUET! (Zuckoff)

10.3 October 2003
From the Desert - Crossing Cultures, Socrates and Motivational Interviewing, Living As If (Miller); Bill's Quest for the Holy Grail (Hever); Holy Grail, Batman! A Reply to David Hever (Miller); A Disturbing Challenge for MINT (Miller); Update on the Steering Committee (Rosengren); From Old Europe (Demmel)

10.2 May 2003
From the Desert - Shock and Awe, Milestones for Training, (Miller); “If…” – A way of broaching the subject without creating resistance… (Farbring); From Old Europe: Unpopular, disliked and frustrating research findings: II. Dressed to listen; Sag’ beim Abschied leise Servus…, Something completely different… (Demmel)

10.1 January 2003
From the Desert - A Moratorium on the MISC, MI, Spiritual Direction, Agenda Setting, and Health (Miller); From One Side of the Pond - What Goes on Inside?, What's in a Conversation?, MI and Behaviour Change Counselling, The "Three-in-a-Row" Exercise (Rollnick); Motivational Interviewing and Behavior Change (Prescott); From Old Europe - Motivational Interviewing and the Chinese Art of Warfare, Transparency: Be honest, The False Hope Syndrome (Demmel)

9.3 November 2002
From the Desert - A Streetcar Named Desire, The Goal Specificity Effect (Miller); Not Just Learning to Dance - Learning to Follow: Motivational Interviewing in Psychotherapy (Cole); Reflections on Reflections - A Response to Carl, Other Thoughts - A Response to Ralf (Rosengren); Brief Intervention: Enhancing Engagement and Adherence in Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments for Chronic Pain Habib, Morrissey, Helmes, Goodman); The French-Speaking MINT Group is Born! (Daeppen)

9.2 August 2002
Editor's Note: Go and Say Sorry, Support Inflated Self-Efficacy? (Demmel); From the Desert - An MI General Practitioner: Whom Should You Call?, Specialist or Generalist MI (Miller);
Short Reflections on Affirm - The Least Emphasized Method in MI: The Favourite Teacher, Allude and Attirbute, Exercise (Farbring); Overview of Alcohol Prevention and Intervention in Sweden (Andréasson); Values Clarification and Health Behaviors (Resnicow).

9.1 January 2002
From the Desert - MI with Special Populations, "Not On," Levels of Types of Training in MI (Miller); MI and its Relatives, Apologies to Jeff Williams - I Got it Wrong, Congratulations to Chris Dunn, What's the Best Way to Learn MI?, Deep and Shallow Learnining, Context-bound Training - Recent Developments (Rollnick); Rik's Note (Best); The FAS DPN First Bridges Program: Using Motivational Interviewing Techniques for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention (Rosengren, Gendler, Olson); Motivational Interviewing and Exercise Behavior Change (Tobin).

8.3 September 2001
From the Desert - On Practicing What We Preach, Horse Sense, Some Autobiographical Reflections, The Rogers-Buber Dialogue, Collective Motivational Interviewing (Miller); Motivational Crossovers? A Brief Look at MI in "Non-standard" Areas (Farrall); One on One Bedside Training (Dunn); Update on Video Training (Rhode); Our new Editor (Demmel); From the Old Editor, now in School (Ernst)

8.2 May 2001
John Henry and Motivational Interviewing: Can a Computer Do It? (Miller); Cross-Cultural Training (Velasquez); Theme-Centered Interactional (TCI) Group Leading and the Workshop Institute for Living-Learning W.I.L.L. An Overview (Sciaaca); Reflections on the Values Card Sort (DeFrancesco); MI Website Update (Wagner); A Training for Trainers in Sweden (Farbring); From the Editor, in the deep south (Ernst)

8.1 January 2001
When is it Change Talk? (Miller); MISC Coding: Selection and Training of Coders, Coding for Brief Interventions (Moyers and Ernst); Pilot Project in Emergency Shelter (Rhodes); Tele-training??? (Rhodes); Use of MI Techniques in Offending Behaviour Group Work (Farrell); New Stages of Change Training Exercise (Opheim); Report from Scandinavia (Barth); From the Editory - Seeking the Sun (Ernst)

7.3 September 2000
From the Desert - A Request; Emmee Training, MIDAS Study, MI Quality Control (Miller); Guidelines from the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers; European Eccentrics and Getting Published, Going Ga Ga about Listening, Horses - Out of Africa, Doing another MI Study with Plenty of Spice, Listening and Ordering in the Military (Rollnick); Different Training for Different Groups (Prescott); Comments on Cultural Differences and Richness (Gual)(Spanish and English versions); MINTerview with Jeff Allison (Bortveit); Video: Brief Therapy for the Addictions; From the Editor - Currently in the Great Northeast (U.S.) (Ernst)

7.2 May 2000
Notes from Fumeri - Motivational Interviewing - Second Edition (Miller and Rollnick); Love the Newsletter, Love Resistance, Love Italian Herbs, Love More Contemplation, Brief Training Interventions, Love those Uncomfortable Exceptions (Rollnick); Bon Apetit (Hecke); A New Dual Diagnosis Program Directory (Sciacca); MI Videotapes; Interview from Across the Ocean - Mercedes (Barth); Nashville MI-line - A Report from the Behavioral Medicine Catfish Club (Martin); Interview with Victoria Maizes (Ernst); From the Road - Florida This Time (Ernst)

7.1 January 2000
Notes from the Desert - Thanks to Rosengren, Upcoming Meetings, Conference on Treatment of Addictive Behaviors, MISC Coding, Holistic Herding, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch (Miller); European Blend - Practical Matters, Euro-MINT, Models for the Client-Counselor Relationship, Solution Focused Therapy (Prescott, Bortveit, Barth); Upside-Down Training (Rollnick); Training in Tarragona (Yahne); Reflections from Tarragona (Hecht); MINT Minutes from Tarragona (Steering Committee); Comments on YIPsters (Dunn); Miller's Motivational Model of Addiction Commentary (Zuckoff); MI Exercises to Keep You Fit And Toned; A Fresh Cup (Ernst)

6.3 September 1999
From the Desert - News, Project COMBINE, Tidbit, Toward a Theory of MI, Meeting Monty (Miller); MI in Zambia (Thevos); A Fresh Cup (Ernst); European Blend (Prescott); A Bad Experience, Health Behavior Change, Conversation Analysis of MI, Conversation Analysis of a Difficult Conversation, I Just Saw Someone Do It! (Rollnick); Bolivian Training; Thanks and a Request (Yahne); On-line MI course (Bryant); Addiction Exchange (Ingersoll); Announcement and Call for Papers (Botelho); Upcoming Training (Best); Minutes of MINT Steering Committee; The Joy of Last Minute Revisions, Of Partial Success and Paying Attention, Time! (Rosengren)

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